Fantastic new book from Roger I. Lewis, depicting his life and tales through funny stories and anecdotes.


Learn about Rogers upbringing in South-East London, his tales as a London Cabbie and his ambitious rise to credit union senior management.

Softback Book – First Edition


This is a fantastic new book telling the story of Rogers unconventional upbringing in South-East London and being a London Cabbie. We learn about the transformation of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association and his ambitious rise to the credit union senior management. This book is full of witty stories, anecdotal tales and we get a glimpse into his colourful life.


Tales From The Ranks & Beyond Book Cover
Tales From The Ranks & Beyond Book Cover

The Life Story Of


Roger was born in 1942 during war time in South-East London. He had an unconventional upbringing, both his parents were profoundly deaf and from mixed religions. Roger shares his stories from his childhood and his time in London’s fruit and veg market. Never forgetting he is a stonewall Millwall fan.

As a London cabbie he met many celebrities, interesting and notorious people over the years and does share ‘some’ of his stories with us. He rose to credit union senior management and tell of the transformation of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association.

Roger has many interesting and fascinating stories to tell some of which made it in the book. Now living in Mossend his story still continues.

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Brian Owen

Football Scout & London Cab Driver

Have enjoyed the book enormously. Had a few tears and good chuckles.

Bob McCulloch

Edinburgh Cab Trade Historian & Author

Just finished your book and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Will they make it into a film?

Ross Hendry

“Tales from the ranks and Beyond” is the best book I’ve ever read, funny, well written and what a life the author has had. A great story about one of life’s characters.

Liz Williams

This is a fascinating account of a very interesting life. Roger is a guy who tells his life story in a very human and humourous way. He tells the story of his life as a London cabbie and beyond with great colour and clarity but it is his writing about his family which displays a profound love. This book was a joy to read and contained many laugh out loud moments!

The Gazelle

A great book he comes through adversity. funny and infectious..

Paul Flynn

Loved “tales from the ranks and beyond” all aspects of life, from a man who has enjoyed his time and shares it with us.

Andrew Whipple

Taxi Accountant

Really enjoyed it. I thought it was very entertaining.

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